The Peoples Next Door Project: A Testimony

Recently, Will Taylor of the Center for Great Commission Studies interviewed Tom Jones, Pastor of Missions and Evangelism at First Baptist Church in Rocky Mount, NC, about their efforts to reach the nations next door. Here’s an excerpt:

Will: Tell us your story, so you’re currently serving as a missions pastor. How did that happen, what steps did God use to lead you down that road?


Tom: I would back up to 2010. It all started on 2 short-term mission trips, one to Haiti and one to Belarus. While on those trips, I felt God was calling me to ministry. My wife and I were doing a Bible study during that time and I felt called to get equipped to handle his word. That’s the best way to summarize how God has called me to share with others about him.


Will: Were you aware of Internationals around your city? How did you discover them?


Tom: Dr. Robinson’s missions class totally reshaped my mindset on reaching the international community here in North America. Some of the statistics of students, the amount of internationals in the US really impacted me. So, I started looking some of those numbers up online. I’ve never really thought about having internationals here in my backyard. To think that some of these guys will never step inside an American home is heartbreaking.

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They Loved Not Their Lives

The news of the murder of 21 Egyptian Christians by ISIS in Libya reminds us all of the sacrifice these saints, and their families, made for the King and his kingdom. Yet, their sacrifice testifies to their overcoming faith in the King who will, one day, overcome all his enemies. Will Taylor, assistant program coordinator for college students at the CGCS, connected the death of these 21 to the testimony of martyred Karen Watson (Iraq 2004). Here’s an excerpt:

Amidst sadness and heartbreak for families and those affected, I’m also challenged to reflect about my own devotion to Christ. Take a moment and read Karen Watson’s own Epithet. An IMB missionary, she was killed by unknown assailants in Iraq in March of 2004. You can find her whole story in this free resource made possible through the IMB. Before going, she left this note to her pastor enclosed in an envelope.

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CGCTS: Will Taylor on the Umbrella Revolution

It’s Wednesday morning, which means it’s time to point you to the good work of Southeastern’s Center for Great Commission Studies. This week at their blog, Will Taylor wrote up a helpful piece on the Umbrella Revolution in Hong Kong.

Here’s an excerpt:

Fast forward to August 31, 2014. In short, the government (National People’s Congress) of Hong Kong is taking measures to limit the electoral rights of its citizens through appointing its own three candidates. And, a very important point, this system will be approved by Beijing, China. Of course, this new system is stirring the anger in the hearts of the people of Hong Kong. The protestors want a stronger representation of democracy. They want their voice to be heard.

Read the full post here and keep the brothers and sisters in Hong Kong in your prayers.