Announcing the “Visiting Scholar Program” at Southeastern Seminary

We at BtT are happy to announce the new “Visiting Scholar Program” at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. The Visiting Scholar program is designed to provide a warm and hospitable working environment for evangelical scholars who wish to take a sabbatical or embark upon an extended study leave at Southeastern.

Together, Southeastern’s faculty and administration view this program as an opportunity to build friendships with visiting scholars, to enrich and support their academic research and writing, and to learn from them.

The Southeastern Visiting Scholar Program is for professors who teach in a discipline that complements the mission and vision of Southeastern Seminary. 

Visiting professors will be provided a furnished apartment, a research assistant, full access to all library resources, and direct support from library staff.

During their time at Southeastern, scholars also will be invited to participate in Southeastern’s academic community. This involvement may include roundtable discussions, lectures, presentations, or teaching. 

Interested professors may apply for the Southeastern Visiting Scholar Program. To apply, professors should send their CV and a brief description of research goals for their sabbatical leave, along with their sabbatical schedule. Send this info to Dr. Keith Whitfield (