One of my earliest memories of my first semester at SEBTS involved a trip to a university in our state with a brand new seminary student named J. D. Greear. J.D. and I hit it off immediately once he enrolled in my first evangelism class. He took me that September to his college alma mater where I spoke to a large group of students meeting weekly in a Bible study he started.

That night I met a senior named Bruce Ashford, a zealous young man with the frame of bamboo and the sharp mind of an aspiring young philosopher. Bruce soon came to Southeastern and another lifelong friendship was forged between a new professor and a young leader. Bruce and I shared a penchant for itinerant ministry and for understanding both the Word of God and the world in which we live, and helping the church to intersect both.

Ashford went on to be an early 2 plus 2 MDiv student, heading to the former Soviet Union to proclaim Christ. Upon his return he earned a PhD in Theology at SEBTS.

Recently Dr. Ashford became the Dean of The College at Southeastern. He immediately led in the implementation of a series of minors and other moves that made the college transfer friendly and more accessible to a greater span of prospective students while maintaining our commitment to linking the Word and the world through the Great Commission. I would argue our missions degree is the best undergrad anywhere. I am honored and excited to head our focus in student ministry with our minor in student ministry featuring a six hour internship.

Southeastern recently produced an excellent video at our website where Dean Ashford introduces the college. Click here to view the video.

We are not for everyone. We want the radicals, the special ops, those who are ready to change the world for the glory of God and the sake of the gospel. I travel and minister with young men who are students or graduates of The College (Chad Lister, Josh Reid, Tyler Mount, etc). But at a time when according to one survey state university enrollment increased about 15 percent over 15 years while evangelical school enrollment increased over 70 percent, we are ready to train a group of young men and women who, to quote John Wesley, “fear nothing but God and hate nothing but sin.” With such, Wesley said, “I will storm the gates of hell and set up the Kingdom of God on the earth,:

Dr. Bruce Ashford is no doubt one of the youngest deans in the country at age 34. His beautiful wife Lauren is expecting their first child (I had just a tiny bit to do with those two getting together, and I have told Bruce he owes me many times!). I am truly honored to serve with Bruce as a colleague and have committed much of my time as a professor to serve in the college. To find out more about the degrees we offer, click here.

By the way, if you are looking for a great speaker at your youth or college event, Dr. Ashford is the man. From preaching the gospel to teaching how to understand a movie, he will help your students learn with wit, humor, depth, and passion. He has led the growth of our remarkable 20/20 Collegiate Conference, and before becoming Dean he led our Center for Great Commission Studies.

Come see us at Southeastern. Come meet Dean Bruce Ashford. Send us your students, and let’s change the world.

Thank you for having been about to ask…

The College at Southeastern is coming along very nicely, and receiving good reviews from the Faculty Scholarly Productivity Index (FSP). Thank you for having been about to ask.

The FSP measures, as you might have guessed, scholarly productivity. Aptly named index, that. And they have ranked Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary #3 among theological schools in the United States. We find ourselves just a bit behind Westminster Theological Seminary and Union Theological Seminary. (There is a nasty little rumor that the college Dean’s lack of scholarly productivity is the only thing keeping Southeastern from the #1 slot.)

The FSP focuses specifically on the productivity of faculty members teaching in the Ph.D. program, but the great thing about our professors is that they teach across all levels of the curriculum.

But the point is this: if you send your students or children to study with us, they will have an opportunity to study under a fine faculty, a faculty that is faithful to the gospel and who excel in their disciplines. Here is a selection of the books, authored by Southeastern professors, that are scheduled to be published within the next year or so:

Danny Akin: Engaging Exposition (B&H); Text-Driven Preaching (B&H)

Andreas Köstenberger: The Cradle, The Cross, and The Crown: An Introduction to the New Testament (B&H); The Theology of John’s Gospel and Letters (Zondervan); The Heresy of Orthodoxy (Crossway); Invitation to Biblical Interpretation (Kregel)

David Nelson: Forty Questions about Worship (Kregel); Sanctification (B&H)

Ken Keathley: Salvation & Sovereignty (B&H); Forty Questions about Creation & Evolution (Kregel)

David Hogg: Reformation Commentary Series: Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Job (IVP)

Alvin Reid: Evangelism Handbook (B&H)

Keith Harper: Through a Glass Darkly: The Uses and Misuses of Baptist History (Alabama)

John Hammett: Those Who Must Give an Account: A Study of Church Membership and Church Discipline (B&H); Contributor to Evangelicals Engaging Emergent (B&H)

J. D. Greear: Breaking the Islamic Code (Harvest House)

Nathan Finn: Strictures on Sandemanianism, in The Works of Andrew Fuller (Paternoster)

Jeremy Evans: Evil and Essential Christian Beliefs (B&H); Taking Christian Moral Thought Seriously (B&H)

Bruce Ashford and David Nelson: Missio Dei: A Biblical-Theological Framework (B&H)

Ben Merkle: Why Elders? 4 Reasons Every Church Should Have Elders (Kregel) Those Who Must Give an Account: A Study of Church Membership and Church Discipline (B&H)

David Black: The Jesus Paradigm (Energion)

Dan Heimbach: Why Not Same-Sex Marriage?

Mark Rooker: Commentary: Ezekiel (Logos); Forty Questions on Creation and Evolution (Kregel); The Ten Commandments (B&H); An Introduction to the Old Testament (B&H)

Chip McDaniel: The Lexham Aligned Text of the Septuagint and Masoretic Scriptures (Logos)

These are not all or even most, mind you, of the books authored or edited by our faculty members. Just an appetizer. And here a few books already in print by Southeastern professors:

Danny Akin: A Theology for the Church (B&H); God on Sex (B&H); 1, 2, 3 John (B&H); Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs (B&H)

Andreas Köstenberger: God, Marriage and Family (Crossway); John (Baker); Encountering John (Baker); Salvation to the Ends of the Earth (IVP); Father, Son, and Spirit (IVP); The Missions of Jesus and the Disciples According to the Fourth Gospel (Eerdmans); Whatever Happened to Truth? (Crossway); Quo Vadis Evangelicalism? (Crossway)

Alvin Reid: Introduction to Evangelism (B&H); The Convergent Church (Kregel); Raising the Bar (Kregel); Join the Movement (Kregel); Radically Unchurched (Kregel); Firefall (Winepress)

Ed Stetzer: Lost and Found (B&H); Planting Missional Churches (B&H); Breaking the Missional Code (B&H); Compelled by Love (New Hope); Comeback Churches (B&H); Breaking the Discipleship Code (B&H); Planting Churches in a Postmodern Age (B&H)

Steve McKinion: Life & Practice in the Early Church (NYU); Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture: Isaiah 1-39 (IVP)

David Hogg: Anselm of Canterbury: The Beauty of Theology (Ashgate)

Wayne McDill: The Twelve Essential Skills for Great Preaching (B&H); The Moment of Truth (B&H); The Message in Your Emotions (B&H)

Greg Heisler: Spirit-Led Preaching (B&H)

John Hammett: Biblical Foundations for Baptist Churches (Kregel)

Scott Kellum: The Unity of the Farewell Discourse (T&T Clark)

David Black: Learn to Read New Testament Greek (B&H); New Testament Textual Criticism (Baker); Rethinking New Testament Textual Criticism (Baker); Linguistics for Students of New Testament Greek (Baker); Its Still Greek to Me (Baker); Using New Testament Greek in Ministry (Baker); Why Four Gospels? (Kregel); Rethinking the Synoptic Problem (Baker); Interpreting the New Testament (B&H)

Keith Harper: Send the Light: Lottie Moon (Mercer); American Denominational History (Alabama); The Quality of Mercy (Alabama); Rescue the Perishing (Mercer); Esteemed Reproach (Mercer)

Nathan Finn: Domestic Slavery Considered as a Scriptural Institution (Mercer)

Mark Liederbach: The Convergent Church (Kregel)

Ben Merckle: Forty Questions about Elders and Deacons (Kregel)

Daniel Heimbach: True Sexual Morality (Crossway)

Bruce Little: A Creation-Order Theodicy (UPA)

George Robinson: Striking the Match (E3)

Ken Coley: The Helmsman (Purposeful Design)

David Jones: God, Marriage, and Family (Crossway)

Robert Cole: Shape and Message of Book III: Psalms 73-89 (Sheffield)

Mark Rooker: New American Commentary: Leviticus (B&H); Holman Old Testament Commentary: Ezekiel (B&H); Studies in Hebrew Language, Intertextuality, and Theology (Edwin Mellen)

David Beck: Rethinking the Synoptic Problem (Baker); The Discipleship Paradigm (Brill)

Bob Jones: Uprooting Anger (P&R)

Allan Moseley: Thinking against the Grain (Kregel)

Brent Aucoin: A Rift in the Clouds: Race and the Southern Federal Judiciary, 1900-1910 (Arkansas)

James Porowski: Strength for the Journey: A Biblical Perspective on Discouragement and Depression (Lifeway); With All My Mind: God’s Design for Mental Wellness (Lifeway)online games for boys

A Romp through the Curricular Corridors of C@SE

We at BtT would like to take you on a brief, lively and thought-provoking romp through the new and expanded curriculum at The College at Southeastern.

This week, the college announced twelve new minors: Apologetics, Biblical Studies, English, History, Humanities, Mission, Music, Organizational Leadership, Pastoral Ministry, Preaching, Student Ministry, and Theology. These minors are in addition to its eight majors.

Why does this matter? It matters because now you, or somebody you know, have the opportunity to choose from 20 majors and minors while studying at a world-class college. These majors and minors are diverse in their subject matter, but have one thing in common: all of them are taught in a manner that is theologically-driven and ministry-driven.

Who teaches at the college? Students have the opportunity to study with more than 50 faculty members at The College at Southeastern. Classroom instructors include such men and women as Danny Akin, Alvin Reid, Nathan Finn, J. D. Greear, Steve McKinion, and Amanda Aucoin. These men and women are faithful to the Scriptures, and excel in their disciplines, having published over 150 books. In 2008, the Faculty Scholarly Productivity Index named Southeastern as #3 on their “Top 20 Specialized Research Universities (Theology)” list.

What are some student accomplishments? Students at Southeastern have gone on to be pastors, student pastors, missionaries, teachers, entrepreneurs, professors, homemakers, administrators, evangelists, and much more. Those who have gone on to graduate school have been accepted into Master’s and Ph.D. programs at Oxford, Duke, Southeastern, UNC-Chapel Hill, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Boston College, and many more.

What does Southeastern have to offer in the way of extra-curricular activity? The College at Southeastern is more fun than a barrel of monkeys. We offer coffee houses, college nights out, and intramural sports such as: basketball, football, volleyball, X-Box, and Ultimate Frisbee. We do not offer Graeco-Roman wrestling, as we believe unitards are not natural. However, we do compete in international sports: Each year, we take sports teams overseas to compete against colleges and semi-professional teams in Asia. Finally, we offer mission trips to Europe, Asia, and Africa on a regular basis.

What is the bottom line? Students who graduate from The College at Southeastern will have been exposed to a world-class faculty, a cutting-edge curriculum, and a warm and vibrant student body. They will have joined the 2,600 students on our campus in studying the depths of God’s Word and his world, and will be prepared to speak and defend God’s Word, wherever they have opportunity, whether here in the United States or across the globe.

How do I contact Southeastern, immediately, for more information? You may call 800.284.6317 or click here. If you would like to speak with us at the SBC, we will have a booth.