The 21st Century SBC: Seven Crucial Aspects of our Mission

The 21st Century SBC: Six Crucial Aspects of our Mission

(By: Danny Akin & Bruce Ashford)

In light of recent debate and discussion about the future of the Southern Baptist Convention, this series of posts delineates seven crucial factors for the success of our cooperative mission as we move forward together in reaching the nations with the gospel. Our mission must be one that is (1) revealed in the Christian Scriptures, (2) based upon God’s mission, (3) focused on the nations, (4) focused on this nation, (5) driven by biblical theology, (6) centered in the gospel, and (7) based on local church initiative and supplemented by entities and associations. The series provides a joint reflection upon these factors, applying them to the life of our churches and entities, calling us to action, and addressing in concise fashion some of the major issues in convention life.

Southern Baptists are more than merely an indiscriminate collection of congregations who practice believer’s baptism by immersion. We are churches who by conviction stand in the Baptist tradition of historic Christianity who cooperate because we believe that our mission will be more effective if we combine our efforts rather than if we “go it alone.” However, cooperation does not, in and of itself, ensure the success of our mission. In the 21st century, our success or failure as a Convention will depend, in part, on these seven aspects of our mission.

Our exposition of these seven aspects is divided into approximately fifteen installments, which we will release over the next three weeks. We pray that they will be helpful for the advancement of Christ’s kingdom.sozdanie saytaadvords