Making Friends for Christ: A Practical Approach to Relational Evangelism

Wayne is best known for being a practitioner, advocate, and teacher of expositional preaching. His most well-known books are probably his two preaching textbooks: The Twelve Essential Skills for Great Preaching, 2d. ed. (B&H Academic, 2006) and The Moment of Truth: A Guide to Effective Sermon Delivery (B&H Academic, 1999). Both of these textbooks are used in numerous seminaries and colleges. Wayne has also mentored dozens of doctoral students over the years, most of whom serve as pastors of local Southern Baptist churches.

Recently, Wayne has authored a second updated edition of his 1980 book Making Friends for Christ: A Practical Approach to Relational Evangelism (Xulon Press, 2010). This is a very good book. Rather than arguing for another outreach program that focuses on impersonal, spontaneous evangelism, Wayne argues that we should befriend others for the sake of the gospel. He also provides some practical advice for how we can be better friends, neighbors, listeners, and ultimately evangelists. While the entire book is helpful, many readers will especially resonate with his exposition of the Great Commission (a timely topic among Southern Baptists!), his advice for how to overcome relational barriers, his discussion of the relationship between prayer and evangelism, and his wisdom about the role that families and churches play in relational evangelism.

The basic information of the book can be found below. I would urge you to purchase a copy of Making Friends for Christ for yourself and maybe consider using it in your Sunday School class, small group, or local church outreach ministry. I would also encourage you to check out Wayne’s personal website,, for other helpful resources related to preaching and evangelism.

Author: Wayne McDill
Title: Making Friends for Christ: A Practical Approach to Relational Evangelism, 2d. ed.
Publisher: Xulon Press
Pages: xi + 168
Chapters: 10 + preface and conclusion
Retail: $14.99 $11.69 (22% off)