Looking Back to Louisville, Part 2

Looking Back to Louisville, Part 2

What needs to happen next?

Let me share some thoughts about the future. I think there are some things we should consider as we look toward the future.

1. We need to pray for the Great Commission Task Force. This is a big deal. Their findings and recommendations to the SBC potentially will have a great impact on our future.

2. We need to pray for the 2010 convention in Orlando. It will be a key moment. Will we elect a president who wants to unite us around the common confession and mission? Or will other agendas emerge?

3. We need to affirm and welcome more than just young missional Calvinists who preach verse-by-verse. I am glad that you guys are acceptable now, but I still think we need those contemporary church pastors and emerging church leaders who affirm our confession to be a part of the cooperation. I hope you reformed types will help us out and welcome them.

4. We need to get more colorful. We have made great strides in the SBC, but our leadership is still WAY too pale. If almost 20 percent of our churches are non-Anglo, it’s time for that to be reflected in our annual meeting and at our entities.

5. We need to engage more small church pastors. The average SBC church is small (less than 100 members). We need their voice because, well, they are “us.” The SBC is a convention made up primarily of small rural churches in the South and we would do well not to forget that.

6. We need to reach out to people who are outside of the South. The rest of North America is becoming more secularized with each passing year. Our disciple-making passion for the metropolitan areas in the rest of the country must increase.

7. We need church planting to become more than a current fad. If we truly want to reach North American and the world for Christ, church planting must become a stated element of our strategy and not just the first in a series of new millennium trends.

8. We need to seek a revived church that can be used by God for the next great awakening in our culture. Nothing short of a collective return by His people is worth our time and worthy of His gospel mission.

Just a few thoughts– see you next year in Orlando.