Man On a Global Mission

Over the past several years, Southeastern Seminary President Danny Akin has been a tireless advocate for reaching the nations with the gospel. Since 2004, he has led SEBTS to deepen her already considerable commitment to coupling orthodox theological education with a passion for the Great Commission. He has also been one of the most vocal proponents of Southern Baptists as a whole building upon the theological foundation laid by the Conservative Resurgence and embracing a Great Commission Resurgence in our churches and denominational ministries.

Yonat Shimron has written a short article for the Raleigh News and Observer titled “Man On a Global Mission.” She focuses on President Akin’s personal zeal for the Great Commission, but she also provides an outsider’s perspective on the Great Commission Resurgence. I think its a pretty good piece, particularly for a secular periodical. If you are interested in knowing more about Dr. Akin’s burden and the heartbeat of Southeastern Seminary, I’d encourage you to read Shimron’s article.