How to Conduct a Wedding

Each semester the Spurgeon Center hosts an EQUIP Workshop covering a common recurring event in the life of a pastor. Last fall, however, the Center covered pre-marital care and wedding ceremonies. During the second part of the workshop, Dr. Ewart and Dr. Jacumin moved through wedding ceremony choreography and concerns. This practical portion of the workshop, along with the notes available on the Spurgeon Center’s website, should equip any new minister to oversee weddings well or offer experienced ministers a helpful refresher.

Watch the video here.

This coming spring, the Center will cover theological & practical concerns related to funerals. Be sure to checkout the Spurgeon Center for this helpful info.

The EQUIP Workshop on Weddings

Every Thursday morning, we highlight the work of Southeastern’s Spurgeon Center. Since this week is Thanksgiving, we moved the post to Wednesday afternoon.

Each semester the Spurgeon Center hosts an EQUIP Workshop to discuss both theological and practical concerns related to common ministry events.  This fall, Drs. John Ewart, Steven Wade, Robert Jones, and Marty Jacumin discussed questions related to preparing for and conducting weddings.

Watch the video here.

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