Kingdom Diversity Podcast: BJ Thompson

In this episode of the Kingdom Diversity Podcast, Maliek Blade sits down with BJ Thompson. BJ is the co-found of Build a Better Us which is a non-profit organization that serves churches by focusing on strengthening the connection between husband and wife, as well as fiancés and other couples. Maliek and BJ discuss singleness, dating, and marriage for the glory of God.  Subscribe to the Kingdom Diversity Podcast here.


How Should the Church Respond to the LGBT Community?

In this episode of Exploring Hope, Keith Whitfield and Ed Stetzer discuss how the Church responds to the LGBT community. In this “new normal” after the Obergefell v. Hodges SCOTUS decision how do Christians love our fellow image bearers well?

1 Corinthians 13 Gospel Love Isn’t an Abstraction; It’s a Person.

J.D. Greear recently published an article on how, “Every one of us is preparing for marriage.” In it he states:

Single Christians are preparing for marriage—but marriage to God, not to another person. Seen from this perspective, in fact, we’re all preparing for marriage. Some of us won’t experience marriage on this earth. But that doesn’t mean singles miss marriage completely. No, they will simply skip the shadow of earthly marriage and go straight to the substance of the heavenly marriage with Jesus Christ.

The ironic thing about preparing for marriage to Christ is that if and when you do find your spouse, you’ll be ready for them. Far too often we obsess about finding the right person, when Scripture counsels us to become the right person. As Andy Stanley says it, “Are you the person that the person you’re looking for…is looking for?”

Practically speaking, what does this kind of “ultimate marriage preparation” look like?

To read the entire blog post, head over to J.D.’s blog.