Book Notice: M. X. Seaman’s “Illumination and Interpretation” those readers interested in the hermeneutics and the doctrine of Scripture, I wish to make you aware of SEBTS alum M. X. Seaman’s Illumination and Interpretation: The Holy Spirit’s Role in Hermeneutics (Wipf & Stock, 2013). Seaman argues that one cannot properly understand and apply the Holy Scriptures apart from the illuminating work of the Holy Spirit. With the Spirit’s illumination, however, the reader can understand the Scriptures and be transformed by them.

The back cover of Illumination and Interpretation gives as helpful of a concise summary as one can expect: “. . . this book treats issues such as the relationship between illumination and other hermeneutical doctrines [such as the authority, perspicuity, and sufficiency of Scripture], the accessibility of the Spirit’s illumination when interpreting the Scriptures, and the question of unregenerate biblical interpretation. Accordingly, Illumination and Interpretation presents a biblical-theological evaluation of the Spirit’s work of illumination for the transformative purpose of understanding how to appropriate this vital hermeneutical doctrine into one’s faith and practice.”

For advanced seminary students and pastors interested in studying issues at the intersection of hermeneutics, Scripture, and the Holy Spirit, Illumination and Interpretation is a helpful resource.