New! New! Ph. D. Track in North American Missiology

We at Southeastern would like to announce that our Ph. D. in Applied Theology has a new track in North American Missiology. The degree is available to those persons with some experience in church planting, church renewal, or some other facet of North American missiology.

Students in this track will have the opportunity to study with Ed Stetzer, Thom Rainer, Andreas Kostenberger, J. D. Greear, and others.

We provide a delivery system that is custom-built for persons currently engaged in missiological work in a North American context. A group of 8-12 students enter the program together and take prescribed seminars together over a 2-year period. Southeastern will offer seminars in block format. Each block will consist of three seminars in a ten-day period. The syllabi for each block will be released several months in advance of the class meeting, with various assignments to be completed before the class meetings. In addition, there will be web-based interaction in the period leading up to and following each block of classes.

Through this track, we hope to nurture a community of scholars. Each participant will be a church planter, pastor, or leader who is actively working in church planting or renewal in a North American context. Each professor will be a scholar who has expertise in theology or missiology (or a related field) and a personal passion for the tasks of church planting and renewal.

For more information, contact the Assistant Director of Ph. D. studies. You may contact Dr. Alan Bandy via email at or by telephone at 919-761-2491. He will be glad to answer your questions and assist you in the application process.