In Case You Missed It

1) What hath pastors to do with politics? The ERLC blog, Canon and Culture has a good series of posts dealing with this question. In part 2, Jonathan Leeman responds to the views of Jeffery Ventrella. It’s worth reading both posts.

2) You must read this excellent essay at CT magazine by Philip Jenkins on the possible extinction of Mideast Christians. Possible, he reminds us, is a tricky word.

3) Southeastern communications director, Amy Whitfield, writes about the temptation and dangers of living in a bubble.

4) Trevin Wax has a fascinating interview with Jake Hanson about his new book, Igniting the Fire, which looks at the early years and mentors of Billy Graham’s life.

5) The end of time as we know it? I think God, the creator of time, may have some input on this, too.