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Marty Duren recently published an article on life’s changing narrative. In his post Marty writes:

I wonder, at times, if we are as concerned over lost people as we are uncomfortable being around some of them. The New Testament does not record Jesus getting goosebumps while dining with sinners, religious or otherwise. If love for our neighbors means less comfort for ourselves, then we should become comfortable with the lack of it.

Sam Storms looks at the humility displayed in the book of James in this post.

The only thing James says about himself is that he is a “servant” or “slave” of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ. Note that again. He doesn’t refer to Jesus as “my half-brother” (“So you better pay attention to what I have to say!”), but as the “Lord” to whom he owes unqualified allegiance, the “Lord” to whom he bows his knees, the “Lord” who has redeemed him and to whose glory and praise his entire life is wholly devoted.

Thus we see the heart and humility of this man both in what he doesn’t say about himself and what he does say. “If you are inclined to listen to what I say and heed my words, do it because my life belongs to the one who is my Lord, not because he’s my brother.”

Kelly Rosati, Vice President at Focus on the Family, writes about our callousness to the life and death of the preborn.

These wake-up call videos have done more than just energize the weary pro-life advocates—those in the trenches who continue to believe (naively, some cynics would say) that a day is coming when society will once again protect the human rights of preborn children. The Planned Parenthood scandal has also brought to life many “regular” pro-life people who are not usually engaged with this issue on a daily basis. They have been living their lives, minding their own business, not wanting to be zealous crusaders.

Sam Morris has written three blog posts so far related to topics surrounding the Planned Parenthood videos:

Sam is a communication and social media specialist at SEBTS, and in his lastest post regarding social media he writes:

My prayer is that we, as Christians believing that every life is valuable, speak out clearly on social media to #DefundPP. Our collective voice cannot be drowned out, and we are offered video upon video upon video of proof that shows the horrific carnage that is Planned Parenthood.
If history remembers anything of this online conversation let it not be that Christians were silent. Speak up. Be heard.

Finally, Hershael York writes about the funeral he most dreaded preaching. No spoilers here; just read the post.

Way To Go KBC! A BOLD GCR Vision!

You can go to and see the report that has been issued by the GCRTF of the Kentucky Baptist Convention. All I can say is wow and way to go KBC! This state convention has aggressively committed itself to a GCR for the churches of Kentucky. This is a great day in the life of that state convention, and it is my prayer that many more will follow in their footsteps. Their report is simple, clear and straight forward. Their desire to reach the nation with the gospel is evident in how quickly they hope to move to a 50/50 split in their Cooperative Program dispersement. I must confess that I am not surprised by all of this. Bill Mackey is a wonderful man of God and an excellent leader among Baptist state executives. Further, the taskforce was made up of wonderful men and women who have a passion for the nations. Their chairman, Hershael York, is one of my dearest friends and a man who oozes the Great Commission. I am so thankful for a state convention that is willing to make hard decisions in order to reach the nations with the gospel. KBC congratulations. You have honored the Lord Jesus. May your tribe increase!