Book Notice: “Help to Zion’s Travellers” edited by Nathan Finn

Nathan A. Finn is an incorrigibly bright and likeable professor and one of the best Baptist writers in recent history. In addition to the reams of essays, articles, and blogs he’s written over the past year, he has also been working on several books. One of those books has now been published. You’ll want to buy it and read it.

Dr. Finn, whose title here at SEBTS is Associate Professor of Historical Theology and Baptist Studies, recently edited the work of an under-appreciated but important figure and work in Baptist history. Robert Hall Sr. (1728–1791) wrote Help to Zion’s Travellers as an aid to English Baptists on the question of hyper-Calvinism. In the end, this work informed and shaped several other influential Baptist pastors and theologians.

We asked Dr. Finn to give us a brief description of the book and the goal of this new edition. Here is what he told us:

Robert Hall Sr. was a longtime pastor in the Northamptonshire Baptist Association in England. A onetime hyper-Calvinist, in 1781 Hall published Help to Zion’s Travellers as an evangelical critique of hyper-Calvinism. Help to Zion’s Travellers directly influenced some of the most noteworthy Baptist leaders in history. Andrew Fuller, who was a close friend of Hall’s, cited the book and made a similar argument in his famous The Gospel Worthy of All Acceptation (1785). William Carey, another friend, said that Help to Zion’s Travellers influenced his own theology more than any other book he read. This new edition (BorderStone Press), which includes a historical introduction by the editor, reintroduces modern readers to a key text in the history of Baptist theology and an important contribution to the rise of the modern missions movement in the English-speaking world.

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