Pray For…

Every week, the Center for Great Commission Studies at Southeastern highlights missionaries for whom we can pray, lifting up to God in Christ their labors and needs and needs in the gospel. As an example, below we have excerpted and linked to Greg Mathias’s recent post requesting prayer for a family serving in Bangladesh.

Today, we’re asking you to pray for a family serving in the southern delta region of Bangladesh amongst the Islamic bengali people. They are currently providing theological training for local pastors and discipling a believer whom they are praying will pastor a church that he’s growing out of an underground Bible study.


“Let our hearts be filled with the assurance that prayer offered in living faith in the living God will bring certain and abundant answer.” – Andrew Murray


Please pray for this family and check the CGCS site often for similar prayer requests.


February at the CGCS

During the month of February, the Center for Great Commission Studies ran some excellent blogposts on the key current events and missiological issues of the month. Scot Hildreth, Greg Mathias, and others wrote some very insightful posts. Here’s their recap:

It’s been a big month, one where culture, current events, and worldview have been featured on our site. We thought it helpful to provide you with a list of our favorite posts of the month. We’re really happy to challenge you to think and live missionally in light of what’s happening around the country and world.

Check out the four key posts from the CGCS folks here.

In Case You Missed It

1) A must read article by Graeme Wood at The Atlantic on the apocalyptic dreams and motives of ISIS and how the U.S. and allies must understand these motives in order to successfully fight them.

2) On the note of ISIS, Russ Moore addressed the question of whether we should pray for the defeat or conversion of ISIS. Hint: it’s not an either/or answer.

3) Greg Mathias, Associate Director for the Center for Great Commission Studies, discusses how Christians ought to respond to the recent murder of three Muslim college students in Chapel Hill, NC.

4) Trevin Wax lists several questions that, if we answer no to them, show our unfaithfulness to Christ’s command to tell the good news about him.

5) At SEND Network, Paul Tripp writes about our difficulty with but need to minister to others during our own suffering.