Summer Reading List from the CGCS

From CGCS Associate Director Greg Mathias: “Summer is packed with travel and activity, but there is always a bit more time to decompress and read than during the rest of the year. In addition to preparing for the upcoming fall at SEBTS, here are some of the books on my reading list this summer.”

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Social Media and the Three C’s

At the CGCS, Greg Mathias and Sam Morris continue their series on the Great Commission and social media; this time on the “three c’s” of mission minded use. Here’s an excerpt:

This series on “The Great Commission and the Digimodern Age” started for Sam and I over a cup of coffee and good old fashioned face-to-face conversation. Our purpose was to bring awareness to this areas of communication, contextualization, and culture, which are all exhibited in social media. While our particular focus is churches, pastors, and missionaries who are seeking to wisely enter into this digimodern age of communication, we believe this series is beneficial to all Christians. In this series, we highlight questions of purpose and audience, we caution against wrong motives of the heart, and make the case that everyone needs to consider a social media presence, while understanding there will be some that wisely will choose to limit that presence or avoid it entirely.

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The Missionary and Social Media

At the CGCS blog, Greg Mathias continues his series on social media and the Great Commission. Here’s an excerpt from his most recent post on the missionary’s use of social media:

There is a level of wisdom a missionary in a restricted access country needs to assume, but there is also a level of arrogance, fear, and naiveté that this type of language exposes. First, abbreviations and using clever symbols in your words are not difficult to figure out. Second, security can be a well-crafted covering for fear. Additionally, I wonder if this “James Bond for Jesus” mentality is a twisted self-importance. Does the missionary think too highly of himself and too little of God? We need to be careful and not be so “secure” that nobody back home or among your people know that you are a Christian.

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