Dispelling Myths Related to the Great Commission Resurgence

In June at the Southern Baptist Convention in Louisville, messengers authorized President Johnny Hunt (by a 95% vote) to appoint a Task Force to study our Convention and bring back a report and recommendations on how we can more effectively and efficiently fulfill the Great Commission. Enthusiasm for the Task Force and expectations for the future were and continue to be high. The Task Force feels the weight of this.

Since the Southern Baptist Convention our Task Force has met twice. We have been hard at work gathering data, analyzing facts, discussing ideas and doing a lot of listening. We have worked tirelessly, but we realize we still have a mammoth amount of work ahead of us. We indeed need the fervent prayers of our brothers and sisters across our Convention of churches.

Meeting as a Task Force has been rewarding and a blessing. It has also been frustrating and disappointing. The latter is due to the number of false rumors and misrepresentations that have been attributed to the Task Force and its members. Some of this behavior is simply sad. Some of it, however, is sinful because it is pure rumor-mongering plain and simple.

The Task Force has determined to conduct its business in a private and confidential manner. I think this was a wise and necessary decision. I know this has disappointed some, but I assure you there is nothing sinister about this. However, this has left us vulnerable to all sorts of false rumors and accusation.

Therefore, without violating the confidentiality of our meetings, I am going to do a series of blogs that will hopefully help in putting to rest a number of untruths that are being bantered about. The list of “myths about the GCR” will not be in any particular order. I hope these blogs will be helpful in setting the record straight. There is too much mistrust that unfortunately characterizes Convention life at this time. We must be better than this. Jesus deserves better than this.