How to Pray for Mormons

Recently, the Center for Great Commission Studies drew attention to a symposium on Mormonism held at BYU. This symposium helps us understand Mormons and thus know how to pray for them. 

Here’s an excerpt:

Many have gone out from Southeastern and chose to go and plant churches among the dark places here in North America. Utah is a great example of a place that desperately needs the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Ben is a church planter serving in the greater Salt Lake City area. He works diligently to show how a correct understanding of Mormonism is absolutely necessary for us as Christians, evangelicals, and Southern Baptists. Recently, a symposium was held on the Campus of BYU, a stalwart of the Mormon faith. This symposium highlighted three definitions of grace held by the LDS, Catholic, and Evangelical/Protestant perspectives.

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No Place Left

Recently the Center for Great Commission Studies blogged about the movement of the gospel in Myanmar. Here’s an excerpt: 

When me and my friend arrived after a 16 hour bus ride from Yangon, we had no plans. We were simply asking God for open doors through our national partners for effective work. And open doors He did. Through local partners that had started a church planting school and hostile, God put us to work. Over a four-day period we had the privilege to train local leaders and future church planters in a CPM process called “The Four Fields of Kingdom Growth.” The discipleship engine within this process is T4T (Training for Trainers). In other words, we trained the leaders in reproducing best practices for planting churches.

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J. D. Greear on the Gospel and Our Generosity

Normally we feature the writing of J.D. Greear on Thursdays, however since last week was Thanksgiving we moved his post to today. Recently, J.D. wrote about how the gospel changes our generosity. 

Here is an excerpt:

Our generosity toward God should reflect the same measure of his sacrifice toward us. Jesus didn’t tithe his blood for us; he gave it all. Shouldn’t we respond by offering our all for him? Too often we implicitly tell God, “I’m willing to give you this much. And maybe “this much” is generous, but there’s a limit. When we should be offering God a blank check with our lives, instead we simply give him the equivalent of a gift card.

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