The Encyclopedia of Christian Civilization

Mirabile Dictu. The long-awaited Blackwell Encyclopedia of Christian Civilization finally has been published. The Encyclopedia is a new four-volume hardback reference work on the history and impact of Christianity. Edited by George Thomas Kurian (President of the Encyclopedia Society), The Encyclopedia includes over 1,400 entries on Christianity and its historical, social, and cultural effect on the world. Entries are divided into seven classes: core articles are wide-ranging articles that define a field and include commentary, historical background, and reviews of the literature; chronological histories survey the expansion of Christianity by century; global, regional, and territorial essays examine the ethnic, national and regional peculiarities of Christianity; denominational and confessional entries cover the main denominational families of Christianity in the world; biographies trace the key figures in shaping Christianity; interpretive essays expound on the key issues, events, places, concepts and ides that have driven Christian civilization; and breakout entries which expand upon the topics noted in core entries.

And, thank you for having been about to ask. Yours truly did contribute several essays to the Encyclopedia, including those on Hans Frei, Stanley Hauerwas, George Lindbeck, James McClendon, David Tracy, and Ludwig Wittgenstein.

The Encyclopedia of Christian Civilization looks to be an essential reference tool for scholars, students, pastors, and others, on the historical and sociocultural significance of Christianity. Understanding one’s place in the world helps one better reach the world for Christ. This work will forward that endeavor.