GCR Myth #2: The goal of [certain members of] the Task Force is to turn North American church planting over to Acts 29 or to at least enter into a formal partnership with them.

This myth may be my favorite because of the incredible imagination needed to come up with it! The creative imaginations behind this myth deserve a medal. The fact is that Acts 29 has never been an item on the GCRTF agenda. In fact, I suspect a number of the Task Force members have never heard of Acts 29. Amazingly, this was my experience when meeting with leadership at NAMB several years ago. Acts 29 was unknown to them.

Now, several of us are appreciative of certain aspects, goals and strategies of Acts 29 and their passion for church planting. Do I think we can learn from them? Yes. Would I support a formal partnership? No. Would I support turning North American church planting over to them? Never! I am quite confident my feelings would reflect the sentiments of the rest of the GCRTF were our discussions ever to turn to Acts 29. Further, given some of the harsh rhetoric directed at Acts 29 and their leadership, I strongly suspect they are not all that interested in any kind of partnership with the SBC!

It may be the case that some SBC churches choose to partner with Acts 29. As local and autonomous bodies, that is their right and their decision. This is nothing new as for years now we have had SBC churches partner with the Willow Creek Association and Purpose Driven Churches.

So, can we expect a future wedding between Acts 29 and the SBC? Not likely, since they are not even dating!