GCR Myth #1: The goal of [particular members of] the Task Force to get more money to the nations is only a smoke screen to get more money to the seminaries.

This myth, by its very nature, has been directed at Al Mohler and me. There is not a shred of evidence to support this accusation and much to the contrary. Dr. Mohler and I publicly and repeatedly have stated we would oppose any report or recommendations that would financially benefit the seminaries.

The GCR is not and has never been about getting more money to the seminaries. It has always been about international missions and North American church planting. It is about getting the gospel to the unreached and under-served peoples of the nations and in our nation.

There are approximately 1.6 billion people who have no access to the gospel and 3.4 billion with limited or no access to the gospel. There are major population centers in North America, most of which are not in the South, that are bereft of strong evangelical churches and gospel witness. This is what inspired the genesis of the GCR in the first place. This is what is occupying the time and energy of the GCRTF.

So, if you see someone write or hear someone say the GCR was a front to increasing funding to the seminaries, please graciously correct them and help us in setting the record straight. The GCR has never been about this. The Task Force has not discussed this. I’m quite certain it will not be on any future agenda either!