Southeastern at the 2014 ETS

Every fall semester, before the Thanksgiving holiday, droves of evangelical professors, pastors, and students descend upon an American city to gather for the annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society. This year, the meeting will be held November 19-21 in balmy San Diego, CA, with Ecclesiology as the central topic. As usual, many of our SEBTS faculty and PhD students will participate by reading academic papers, or serving as panelists or moderators for various discussions. The table below lists the time, topic, role, and location of each participant. If you live in or near San Diego, or you plan to attend ETS this year, be sure to check out the fine scholarship displayed by SEBTS folk.

Time Topic Person Role
Nov 19       8:30-11:40a Christian Ethics Section Erik Clary Moderator
9:20-10:00 Christian Ethics and the Fair Trade Movement Shaun Price Presenter
9:20-10:00 Matthew 27:52-53 as a Scribal Interpolation Charles Quarles Presenter
9:20-10:00 Believer Baptism: Human Act of Obedience and Divine Means of Grace John Hammett Presenter
11:00-11:40 Panel Discussion on Believer Baptism John Hammett Panelist
2:00-5:10p Christian Ethics: Was the Early Church Primarily Pacifist of Not? Daniel Heimbach Moderator
3:40-4:20 Can War Be Just? The Ancient Church and Pacifism Steven McKinion Presenter
4:30-5:10 Interaction on the Early Church and Pacifism Daniel Heimbach Panelist
4:30-5:10 Interaction on the Early Church and Pacifism Steven McKinion Panelist
2:00-5:10 A Conversation on Origins: BioLogos, Reasons to Believe, and Southern Baptists Ken Keathley Panelist
2:00-5:10 A Conversation on Origins: BioLogos, Reasons to Believe, and Southern Baptists James K. Dew Panelist
2:00-2:40 Does Luke 10:25-37 Echo 2 Chr 28:5-15? The Parable of the Good Samaritan and the Question if Its Historical Vorlage Gregory Stiekes Presenter
2:00-2:40 On Feeding the “Theologically Dead”-Rethinking Robert Rakestraw on the Vegetative State Erik Clary Presenter
2:00-2:40 Rescuing Rahab: The Evangelical Discussion on Conflicting Moral Absolutes David W. Jones Presenter
Nov 20       8:30-11:40a The Dark Side of Evangelical Ecumenism Nathan A. Finn Moderator
10:20-10:40 Respondent to Evangelical Ecumenism Papers Nathan A. Finn Presenter
9:20-10:50 Book Panel on In Search of Moral Knowledge by R. Scott Smith James K. Dew Panelist
3:00-6:10p Molinism Session Ken Keathley Moderator
3:00-3:40 Are there Signs of Late Biblical Hebrew in Isaiah 40-66? Mark Rooker Presenter

SEBTS Faculty and Students at Evangelical Theological Society (Updated)

If you are planning to attend the national meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society this year in Baltimore, MD, we hope that you will take the opportunity to stop by some of the sessions that are featuring SEBTS professors, students, and adjunctive faculty. We are pleased to have 13 faculty and 2 students presenting 15 papers and participating in 2 panel discussions. Check out the schedule below

Tuesday, November 19th:

Hilton – Peale B 8:30–9:10 AM Greg Welty w/ Steven B. Cowan (Louisiana College) A Response to Jerry Walls on Christian Compatibilism
Hilton Key Ballroom 10–11 9:20–10:00AM Daniel Heimbach Where Does ‘Ethics’ Come From? How the Term Has Evolved?
BCC-332 10:10–10:50AM Jaime Dew Cannibalism and the Possibility of Bodily Resurrection: A Revised Approach to Reassembly
Hilton – Carroll A 10:10–10:50 Shaun Price Hymnody and the Atonement: Unique Contributions of William Cowper in the Olney Hymns
Hilton – Calloway A 11:00–11:40 Andrew J. Spencer Environmental Ethics and Inerrancy: Challenges from the Hermeneutics of Ecotheology
BCC-345 2:40–3:10PM Nathan Finn Andrew Fuller: An Evangelical Theologian
Hilton – Poe B 2:50–3:30PM Benjamin Merkle Hermeneutical Challenges for a (Traditional) Premillenial Interpretation of Revelation 20
Hilton – Johnson A 3:40–4:20PM Ant Greenham The Ethics of Silence in Witness to Muslims
Hilton – Johnson A 4:30–5:10PM Daniel R. Heimbach and Ant Greenham with Bassam Chedid and Mark Coppenger Panel Discussion: Interacting with the Ethics of Islam

Wednesday, November 20th:

BCC–347 8:30–10:00AM Ken Keathley Molinist Gunslingers Redux: A Friendly Response to Greg Welty
BCC-347 8:30–10:00AM Greg Welty Molinist Gun Control: A Flawed Proposal?
Hilton–Tubman A 10:10–10:50AM Nathan Finn John R. Rice, Bob Jones Jr., and the “Mechanical Dictation” Controversy: Finalizing the Fracturing ofIndependent Fundamentalism
BCC-349 11:00–11:40AM Andreas Köstenberger with A.B. Caneday, Edward W. Klink, III and D.A. Carson Panel Discussion: Theology in John
BCC-336 3:00–3:40PM Mark Rooker Recent Trends in the Dating of Biblical Hebrew Texts
Hilton–Carroll A 4:40–5:20PM Abidan Paul Shah From Mills to Muenster: How many variants in the Manuscript Tradition of the NT?
Marriott–Stadium Ballroom 2 5:30–6:10PM John Hammett An Alternative to Universal and Limited Atonement

Thursday, December 21st:

Marriott-Stadium Ballroom 4 1:40–2:30PM Danny Akin Biblical Inerrancy and Biblical Exposition: A Match Made in Heaven

Southeastern Seminary Faculty at the Evangelical Theological Society

The Evangelical Theological Society (ETS) is the largest interdisciplinary scholarly society for evangelicals. Its membership is comprised of evangelical scholars from a variety of denominational and theological traditions. Members work at colleges, universities, seminaries, local churches, and parachurch ministries all over the world. ETS is perhaps best known for publishing an influential scholarly journal titled Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, which is currently edited by Southeastern Seminary professor Andreas Köstenberger.

The ETS is holding its annual meeting later this week in Milwaukee. Numerous SEBTS professors and PhD students are taking part in the program. What follows is a list of SEBTS faculty who will be participating in the meeting and their respective papers or sessions. If you are attending ETS, we’d encourage you to take the opportunity to listen in on some of these papers and sessions.

Wednesday November 14

Nathan A. Finn (Associate Professor of Historical Theology and Baptist Studies)
8:30–11:40 AM
Exploring the General Baptist Tradition
Hilton – Mitchell
Session Chair

James K. Dew Jr. (Associate Professor of History of Ideas and Philosophy)
9:20–10:00 AM
Evangelical Philosophical Society
Hyatt – Executive A
Paper: God and the Mind/Body Problem: A Critique of Selected Christian Physicalists

Andreas Köstenberger (Senior Research Professor of New Testament and Biblical Theology)
10:10–10:50 AM
Frontier Airlines Center – 103 B
Paper: Invitation to Biblical Interpretation: Exploring the Hermeneutical Triad of History, Literature, and Theology
(Followed by a panel discussion with Grant R. Osborne and Kevin J Vanhoozer – 11:00–11:40)

Greg Welty (Associate Professor of Philosophy)
10:10–10:50 AM
Middle Knowledge and the Doctrine of Creation
Fronteir Airlines Center – 201 D
Paper: Assessing Molinist Doctrines of Creation

Heath A. Thomas (Associate Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew)
3:00–3:40 PM
Old Testament and Violence
Frontier Airlines Center – 202 E
Paper: Engaging the Warrior: Divine Violence and the book of Lamentations

Daniel Heimbach (Senior Professor of Christian Ethics)
3:00–6:20 PM
Christian Ethics
Hyatt – Executive A
Session Moderator

James K. Dew Jr. (Associate Professor of History of Ideas and Philosophy)
3:00–3:40 PM
Systematic Theology – Anthropology
Frontier Airlines Center – 102 B
Paper: Christianity and the Human Soul: A Theological Critique of Selected Christian Materialists

Mark D. Liederbach (Associate Professor of Christian Ethics)
5:30–6:10 PM
Caring for Creation – Theologians and Theological Traditions
Hilton – Wright A Ballroom
Paper: “Serve and Protect” or “Worship and Obey”? An interaction with Cal DeWitt and Stephen Bouma-Prediger’s take on Genesis 2:15 and the Implications for Environmental Ethics

Thursday November 15

Michael Travers (Professor of English)
9:20–10:00 AM
Literature of the Bible
Frontier Airlines Center – 210 D
Paper: “Light out the Darkness” and “Good [out] of Evil”: Creation and Fall in John Milton’s Paradise Lost

L. Scott Kellum (Associate Professor of New Testament and Greek)
9:20–10:00 AM
New Testament Greek Language and Exegesis
Frontier Airlines Center – 203 E
Paper: John 21:15–19 and Revelation 3:10: Reconsidering Two Common Johannine Texts

Benjamin L. Merkle (Associate Professor of New Testament and Greek)
8:30–9:10 AM
Christian Ethics
Frontier Airlines Center – 101 A
Paper: Are the Qualifications for Elders or Overseers Negotiable?

Friday November 16

Maurice A. Robinson (Senior Professor of New Testament)
1:40–2:20 PM
New Testament
Frontier Airlines Center – 201 C
Paper: De Facto Conjecture in the Main Text of NA27: A Further Consideration

Bruce Little (Senior Professor of Philosophy)
2:30–3:10 PM
Caring for Creation – Theology 4
Frontier Airlines Center – 203 B
Paper: Creation and Creative Responsibility