Amend ETS

The Evangelical Theological Society will hold its annual meeting next week in Providence, Rhode Island. The ETS is a scholarly society comprised of evangelicals who affirm the inerrancy of Scripture and the doctrine of the Trinity. Because this is a pretty minimalist doctrinal commitment, the ETS has faced some internal controversies in the past decade, most notably a battle over whether open theism is a legitimate evangelical option.

To help bring greater doctrinal clarity to the ETS, Boyce College dean Denny Burk and Union University professor Ray Van Neste, both New Testament scholars (and Southern Baptists), have been advocating an amendment to the ETS doctrinal statement for some time. There will be a vote to amend the statement at this year’s meeting. You can read about the proposed amendment on Denny’s blog or your can check out the Amend ETS website.