Inexpensive E-Books on Global Missions

This week, Southeastern Seminary is celebrating our annual Global Missions Week. This is always one of the most exciting weeks on the SEBTS campus. IMB personnel have set up booths all over the bottom floor of the Jacumin-Simpson Missions Center. Chapel services, led by preachers Nik Ripkin, Tom Elliff, and Nathan Lino (today at 10:00–don’t miss it), have focused on global advance. Free food abounds, from flavored popcorn to pizza to foreign dishes and delicacies. These are just some of the activities going on at SEBTS this week to promote global missions.

Over at the Gospel eBooks website, we learned that our friends at B&H Publishing have discounted the electronic editions of four missions-related books. We can hardly think of a better way to celebrate Global Missions Week than to purchase these helpful resources. One of the books is written by our own fearless leader and indefatigable missions advocate, Daniel L. Akin himself. You can download each of the books for the bargain-basement price of $2.99.

Danny Akin, Ten Who Changed the World (B&H, 2012)

David Horner, When Missions Shapes the Mission: You and Your Church Can Reach the World (B&H, 2011)

Ken Hemphill, Eternal Impact: The Passion of Kingdom-Centered Communities (B&H, 2008)

Jerry Rankin, A Challenge to Great Commission Obedience: Motivational Messages for Contemporary Missionaries (B&H, 2006)

We at Between the Times would encourage you purchase these helpful resources for your Kindle. We hope the Lord uses them to stir up a zeal for the Great Commission among thousands of readers. And if you are on the SEBTS campus today, please stop by Jacumin-Simpson and meet some of the IMB personnel who are camped out on the first floor.