Two Important New Pro-GCR Articles

Dr. Frank Page, who currently serves as Vice President for Evangelism at North American Mission Board (and is very likely the next President of the Executive Committee), has written an endorsement of the GCR titled “I Believe One Can Stand and Vote for This Final Report and be a Supporter of the Cooperative Program.” This article is important for two reasons. First, Dr. Page has long been recognized as a Cooperative Program champion, so his endorsement carries considerable weight. Second, he tackles one of the most common misconceptions about the GCR–that it is really a move to undermine the CP. This claim is utter balderdash, so we’re pleased to see Dr. Page weigh in on this topic.

Dr. David Dockery, who serves as President of Union University, has written an endorsement titled “A Great Commission Resurgence: Toward a Both/And Vision for the SBC.” This article is vintage Dockery because it is comprehensive, balanced, and irenic. We wish more Southern Baptists shared Dr. Dockery’s love for the Great Commission and the Great Commandment, his commitment to taking every thought captive to Christ, and his appreciation for Southern Baptist history and identity.

Funding Great Commission Faithfulness

Over the past three days, Dr. Danny Akin and I have published three blog articles interacting with Morris Chapman’s recent anti-Great Commission Giving white paper. We have adapted our articles into our own white paper titled “Funding Great Commission Faithfulness: A Response to Morris Chapman.” We hope that you find this material helpful as we continue to debate the recommendations of the GCRTF in anticipation of the Orlando Convention next month.

M. E. Dodd and the Cooperative Program

Louisiana pastor M. E. Dodd was one of a half-dozen key leaders of the SBC during the first half of the 20th century. Dodd was an entrepreneurial leader who pastored a growing church, was a tireless advocate for evangelism and missions, and played a crucial role in the launching of numerous denominational ministries. Dodd’s most important contribution to wider Southern Baptist life was chairing the committee that created the Cooperative Program in 1925. This year marks the 85th anniversary of the CP.

David Roach has written an excellent brief introduction to M. E. Dodd for Baptist Press. In anticipation of Cooperative Program Sunday on April 11, Roach’s article emphasizes Dodd’s role in creating the CP. I hope you will read the article. I also highly recommend Jewel Mae Daniel’s biography of Dodd, The Chimes of Shreveport: The Life of M. E. Dodd (Providence House, 2001). And if you are a pastor or other local church staff member, I hope you will take some time this coming weekend to remind your church of the strategic importance of the Cooperative Program in funding gospel ministry in every state in America and the uttermost parts of the earth. You can learn more about the CP at this helpful website and in Chad Brand and David Hankins’ excellent book One Sacred Effort: The Cooperative Program of Southern Baptists (B&H, 2006).