Johnny Hunt Podcast on the Great Commission Resurgence

SBC President Johnny Hunt recently sat down with Doug Baker of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina to discuss the Great Commission Resurgence. The podcast, available in two parts, is available here.

Part I
The Great Commission Resurgence – What is it? Who authored the document? What is the purpose of the document? Changes in the document since April 27, 2009; Southern Baptists – losing the gospel?; The Baptist Faith and Message 2000 and the Abstract of Principles: Competitive or Complimentary?; Theological triage – a Biblical concept?; Southern Baptists, first-order issues, and third order issues; Article IX – associations, state conventions, duplication; Article IX: Feedback and pushback.

Part II
Autonomy, the Local Church and the Cooperative Program; Dr. Morris Chapman’s overhaul of the SBC; Dr. Jerry Vines and the “bureaucratic branches” of Southern Baptists; The Cooperative Program – its current state and its future; First Baptist Woodstock’s giving levels to the CP – a cause for scrutiny?; Three priorities for the future; The future of associations and state conventions; Restructuring – again?; Restructuring – how?; Dr. Adrian Rogers on the battles of Baptists; Why come to Louisville?; Why become or remain a Southern Baptist?