Clothing Tips for Ministers

We’ve all heard the horror stories. A seminarian is heading off to his first ever interview with a pastor search committee wearing a stained dress shirt, wrinkled khaki pants, and a sport coat that is too tight. A young pastor goes to visit a senior saint in the hospital sporting an untucked polo shirt, blue jeans, and Doc Martens. A green minister shows up to preach his first funeral wearing a lightly colored suit and a tacky Florida Gators tie (all Florida Gators apparel is tacky). The list goes on.

Bible college students, seminarians, and even many younger pastors are often confused about what constitutes an appropriate “dressy” wardrobe for ministers. As church services have become more casual, many ministers find themselves unsure of what to wear for things like job interviews, weddings and funerals, and non-church speaking engagements (community organizations, denominational meetings, etc.). What’s a 21st century Driscoll-loving, Tomlin-digging, (Andy) Stanley-reading Baptist minister to do?

Fortunately, Don Whitney of Southern Seminary and the Center for Biblical Spirituality has sage advice for hip young pastors who do not know their wingtips from their loafers or their sport jacket from their suit coat. Check out his helpful article “Clothing Tips for Ministers,” which is full of practical advice about your Sunday best. Every minister has to dress up from time to time, and Whitney will help you make sure you don’t look dumb–or worse, inappropriate–when you have to don the coat and tie.

HT: Ray Van Neste