In Case You Missed It

1) At Christianity Today, this young Iraqi girl — living in a mall in Mosul because her family would likely be killed by ISIS if they went outside — teaches the Arab world and us about forgiveness.

2) Anthony Bradley argues at World Magazine that talk of Jesus and social justice among evangelicals often ignores the largest group in the U.S., poor whites.

3) From First Things, Matthew Schmitz points out the ironically traditional view of the family held by gay fashion designers Dolce and Gabbana.

4) At Facts and Trends, Chris Martin and Marty Duren note several hashtag dos and don’ts for churches.

5) For helpful stuff on faith and culture, check out the new Intersect Project hosted by SEBTS in partnership with the Kern Family Foundation.

Norman Jameson on Marrying Young

The recent Christianity Today article “The Case for Early Marriage” is getting a lot of buzz online. Norman Jameson has some good thoughts on this topic in a recent editorial for the Biblical Recorder. His conclusion:

Does [American culture’s] stance tell our young people that we value independence and financial security more than we value the “holy union” of matrimony? One of the arguments I hear against marrying “young” is that the man or the woman has not fully realized his or her individual identity. I would argue that marrying young enables the couple to grow and find their identity together.

Don’t hear me advocating teenage marriage. But in our sexually charged culture it may be a stronger tactic to lift and encourage an earlier age at marriage than to keep pushing against “our Creator’s reproductive designs.”

Read the whole editorial at the Biblical Recorder’s website.

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Two New Articles

Yesterday afternoon Baptist Press published a “First Person” (editorial) I authored titled “Gender and the Vice Presidency.” I argue that, biblically speaking, gender should not disqualify a political candidate. Christianity Today’s online edition published my review of David Dockery’s Southern Baptist Consensus and Renewal (B&H, 2008). It is a fantastic book and I highly recommend it.