J. D. Greear and Chris Green on Ferguson

Recently, J.D. Greear, Pastor of the Summit Church, discussed the recent events in Ferguson, Missouri and the wounds it revealed with Chris Green, an African-American and also pastor at the Summit Church. We think their thoughts will bring tremendous insight for evangelicals, white and black, struggling to apply the grace of Christ to all of life.

Here’s an excerpt:

Chris: I understand that the American justice system is not perfect. In fact, I fully acknowledge that African Americans have been adversely impacted (often failed) by the American judicial system.  Nevertheless, it is our governing authority on the creation, interpretation, application, and evaluation of law. Thus, we must allow due process. An “unjust” judicial system is not a new phenomenon. In fact, our brothers and sisters in the early church commonly dealt with unjust judicial systems. Jesus was persecuted under one, as were most of his disciples.

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