The New Between the Times

As has been hinted at throughout the summer, we are pleased to introduce a new Between the Times. You’ve likely already noticed the new look, but beginning today you will discern a new approach with new content from Southeastern faculty, staff, students, and alumni. At times, we will also point you to other worthwhile blogs or essays that we think will serve our readers well. New posts will appear daily, sometimes twice a day, on topics that serve, equip, and encourage the church as she makes disciples of Jesus Christ. Also, we want to hear from you as you read so that we might strengthen our efforts to serve you.

Additionally, Grant Taylor will be joining our team as editor of Between the Times.

In sum, this is the Great Commission blog of a Great Commission seminary. So check in with Between the Times every day to join us as we go.

Check Out Our Personal Websites

You may not know this, but most of our contributors have personal websites in addition to Between the Times. All of the websites offer a number of resources, and many of them have blogs.

Of course the reason most people read BtT is for Dr. Akin’s articles, but did you know he also has a personal website with hundreds of sermons, Bible studies, and other resources? Check out, but remember not to pass off one of Dr. Akin’s pulpit gems as your own. Congregations can spot a contraband Akin sermon a mile away.

Most of you are probably already aware that two of our contributors, Ed Stetzer and J.D. Greear, are really rockstar bloggers who subcontract with us from time to time. In fact, Ed often claims to actually run the Obama Administration, General Electric, and Midwestern Seminary from his personal website. J.D. isn’t quite so bold, but he does occasionally stir up controversy at his blog.

Alvin Reid has been blogging for quite a while, and we all agree that he has the most sophisticated website of any of our contributors. With audio, blogging, and even free E-books, this website has it all. If the 1950s ever make a comeback, they won’t know what to do with all of Alvin’s technology.

Some of our contributors have just launched personal websites in the past few months. Ken Keathley blogs at Theology for the Church; Ken’s just tickled pink that God has ordained a world where he gets to write about Molinism and other theological topics near and dear to his heart. While not a regular contributor, Steve McKinion’s been around enough lately that giving a shout out to Gospel-Centered Living just seems like the Christian thing to do. Be sure to take note of Steve’s scholarly sidebar picture.

I’m the most recent BtT contributor to add a personal website, thus returning to my pre-2008 roots as a solo blogger. One Baptist Perspective is not nearly as cool as Alvin’s website, but then church historians aren’t nearly as cool as evangelism professors. It’s our little cross to bear.

Now I know what you are thinking–what about Bruce Ashford? It’s a good question. I originally didn’t think he had a personal blog, but after doing a Google search I found Bruce’s website. While the writing isn’t always the most sophisticated, Bruce does get more traffic than the rest of us. Even Ed.