A Few Books by SEBTS Student Jeff Streucker (hero of Black Hawk Down)

You’ll want to take your American Express card out of your wallet and prepare to use it. SEBTS student Jeff Struecker (Retired Army Major, hero of Black Hawk Down) has published several books in the past few years. You will want to purchase several copies of each-one of each for yourself, and the remainder for your family and friends. You’ll thank me.

Major (Ret.) Struecker (http://www.jeffstruecker.com/) is an experienced combat veteran who participated in operations in Panama, Kuwait, Mogadishu, Somalia, as well as multiple tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. In 1996 he was named the Army’s top ranger and has received numerous awards in recognition of his military service. He is a Ph.D. student at Southeastern, and currently serves as Associate Pastor of Ministry Development at Calvary Baptist Church in Columbus, GA. Jeff and his wife, Dawn, have five children: Aaron, Jacob, Joseph, Abigail and Lydia.

Each of Maj. Struecker’s books arises from his experience as a U. S. Army Ranger. Each seeks to connect the drama and traumas of combat to deep issues of faith, fear, and courage.

In Road to Unafraid (Thomas Nelson Publishers, 2009), he relates his own tales from the front lines of every U.S. initiative since Panama, and tells how God taught him faith from the front in fear-soaked times. As readers go on-mission with Struecker through his harrowing tales, they will learn how to face their own fears with faith in a mighty God. Just as he told one of his charges in Mogadishu: “The difference between being a coward and a hero is not whether you’re scared, it’s what you do while you’re scared.”

In Certain Jeopardy with Alton Gansky (B&H Fiction, 2009), Struecker offers the first installment in a trilogy about six American Special Operatives. Informed by the true combat experience of Captain Jeff Struecker and finessed by award-winning novelist Alton Gansky, Certain Jeopardy is an immersing and pulsating fictional account of what really happens at every level of a stealth engagement: the physical enemy encounter, the spiritual war fought within a soldier, and the emotional battles in families back at home.

Blaze of Glory with Alton Gansky (B&H Fiction, 2010) is the second in the trilogy. In this book the main character United States Sgt. Major Eric Moyer and his Special Operations unit have been called in to track down a wealthy Egyptian terrorist who is believed to have sordid ties to a sudden increase in female suicide bombers. Chasing El-Sayyed through Italy, they soon gain interconnected details about a Mexican drug lord who is plotting to kill the U.S. and Mexican presidents.

Fallen Angel with Alton Gansky (B&H Fiction, 2011) is the third installment of the trilogy. Struecker tells the story of an “Angel-12” American satellite that is ambushed by China and falls 22,000 miles to land in remote Siberia. U.S. Sgt. Major Eric Moyer and his Special Ops unit are deployed to find Angel-12 and keep its advanced nuclear fuel from enemy hands.