In Case You Missed It

1) Watch your life and your doctrine. Eric Geiger discusses “a tale of two Mars Hills.” 

2) Andrew Branch at World Magazine tells the story of Nancy Writebol, missionary who survived Ebola.

3) Over at Baptist21, a helpful discussion of old liberalism in new clothes.

4) How now shall we evangelize and disciple those in our congregations? The folks at 9Marks asked several pastors to weigh in. Your thoughts?

5) Get a free good book from B&H, Truth in a Culture of Doubt by SEBTS professor Andreas Köstenberger, Darrell Bock (Dallas Theological Seminary), and SEBTS alum Josh Chatraw (now at Liberty University).

In Case You Missed It

1) If you really (like under a rock) missed it this week, David Platt was elected was the new President of the International Mission Board.

2) Check out the reaction to Platt’s election from Russ Moore, J. D. Greear, and Paige Patterson.

3) Speaking of David Platt, he has a post on Life on Mission over at the SEND Network.

4) Chuck Quarles, SEBTS Professor of New Testament and Biblical Theology, writes about the devil’s lie over at B&H Academic.

5) Tony Merida, Associate Professor of Preaching at SEBTS and Pastor of Imago Dei Church in Raleigh, NC, writes about the essential secret of preaching.

Book Announcement: The Community of Jesus

In September, our friends at B&H Academic are publishing a book titled The Community of Jesus: A Theology of the Church, edited by Kendall Easley and Christopher Morgan. My SEBTS colleagues Andreas Köstenberger and Bruce Ashford are among the contributors. You can read what the publisher has to say about the book below.

Intended for upper division college students, seminarians, and pastors, The Community of Jesus delivers a biblical, historic, systematic, and missional theology of the church.

Today the word church provokes wide-ranging reactions and generates discussion on a variety of issues among Christians and non-Christians alike. In order to sort through this maze of responses and topics, a biblical and theological foundation must be laid that provides a clear vision of the church of the Lord Jesus Christ and its significance in God’s eternal purpose.

With extensive pastoral, teaching, missions, and administrative experience, this team of contributors carefully sets forth the biblical teachings concerning the church and then builds on this core material, relating the theology of the church to salvation history, church history, God’s glory, and God’s mission:

  • Paul R. House, “God Walks with His People: Old Testament Foundations”
  • Andreas J. Köstenberger, “The Church According to the Gospels”
  • Kendell H. Easley, “The Church in Acts and Revelation: New Testament Bookends”
  • David S. Dockery, “The Church in the Pauline Epistles”
  • Ray Van Neste, “The Church in the General Epistles”
  • James A. Patterson, “The Church in History: Ecclesiastical Ideals and Institutional Realities”
  • Stephen J. Wellum, “Beyond Mere Ecclesiology: The Church as God’s New Covenant Community”
  • Christopher W. Morgan, “The Church and the Glory of God”
  • Bruce Riley Ashford, “The Church in the Mission of God”

The B&H Academic Blog has recently published two posts by co-editor Chris Morgan anticipating the book: “I Loved the Church but Hated Ecclesiology” and “The Church as A Showcase of God’s Plan for Cosmic Unity (Part I).” More posts are forthcoming in the next few days.

I’m really excited about The Community of JesusIf you haven’t been paying attention, you ought to know that B&H Academic has regularly published some very helpful material in recent years on the topic of ecclesiology, including Mark Dever’s introductory text The Church: The Gospel Made Visible (2012), which I reviewed for The Gospel Coalition, and the edited volumes Believer’s Baptism: Sign of the New Covenant in Christ (2007),  Upon This Rock: A Baptist Understanding of the Church (2010), The Lord’s Supper: Remembering and Proclaiming Christ Until He Comes (2011), and Those Who Must Give an Account: A Study of Church Membership and Church Discipline (2012). Several current and former Southeastern faculty members and adjunct professors have contributed to one or more of these volumes, including Danny Akin, Bruce Ashford, Andy Davis, Nathan Finn, John Hammett, David Hogg, Köstenberger, Steve McKinion, and Ben Merkle.