The 2008 Edition of The Journal of Baptist Studies

The 2008 edition of The Journal of Baptist Studies has now been published. JBS is an autonomous, peer-reviewed scholarly journal in Baptist history and historical theology that was launched in 2007. JBS is an online journal that is published once a year, normally in early December. JBS is part of a broader website titled Baptist Studies Online, which also includes Baptist primary sources, links to Baptist study centers and archival repositories, and announcements related to the field. Southeastern Seminary provides financial support for Baptist Studies Online and JBS.

The bad news is that publication of the 2008 JBS was delayed about six weeks due to technical difficulties. The good news is that those technical problems expedited a redesign of the entire Baptist Studies Online website, which is a vast improvement over the previous site. I hope you will take a few moments and check out the website, particularly JBS. You can read the table of contents for the 2008 edition below.

The Journal of Baptist Studies
Volume 2 (2008)



“Service is Not Slavery: A Review of Recent Literature on Women in the Southern Baptist Convention”
By April Armstrong, pp. 2-15

“Southern Baptist Faith in Black and White after World War II: An Examination of Recent Monographic Literature”
By Edward R. Crowther, pp. 16-26

“The 1919 Statement of Belief and the Tradition of Confessional Boundaries for Southern Baptist Missionaries”
By Jeffrey R. Riddle, pp. 27-43

Book Reviews

Chute, Anthony L. A Piety Above the Common Standard: Jesse Mercer and Evangelistic Calvinism, by Steve Weaver

Flynt, Wayne. Alabama Baptists: Southern Baptists in the Heart of Dixie, by John A. Nixon

Nettles, Tom J. By His Grace and For His Glory: A Historical, Theological and Practical Study of the Doctrines of Grace in Baptist Life, by Tony Chute

Shurden, Walter B. Not An Easy Journey: Some Transitions in Baptist Life, by Nathan A. Finn

Stricklin, David. A Genealogy of Dissent: Southern Baptist Protest in the Twentieth Century, by Aaron Weaver

Thompson, James J. Jr. Tried as by Fire: Southern Baptists and the Religious Controversies of the 1920s, by Mark Rogers