But Don’t All Southern Baptists Believe in Inerrancy?

Bart Barber has written an excellent blog post defending biblical inerrancy against a recent attack on the doctrine authored by the Theologian-in-Residence at the Baptist General Convention of Texas. There are some folks in the SBC (or at least the blogosphere) who want us to stop talking about inerrancy because we’ve already “won” that battle. This seems supremely naieve, in my opinion. There will always be threats to the inspiration, authority, and sufficiency of Christian Scripture–and some of them will come from within. We mustn’t become lazy, lest we find ourselves squandering the theological gains of the previous generation. I am 100% in favor of moving beyond the Conservative Resurgence as we pursue a Great Commission Resurgence, but only if that means the former is a firm foundation for the latter. If the Conservative Resurgence ever becomes mere history, then the Convention will be history.

For an excellent treatment of the doctrine of Chrisitan Scripture, I highly recommend David Dockery and David Nelson’s co-authored chapter on “Special Revelation” in Daniel L. Akin, ed., A Theology for the Church (B&H Academic, 2007).

(HT: Russ Moore)