In Case You Missed It

1) At Canon and Culture, Andrew Walker has an interesting interview with Ryan Anderson on physician-assisted suicide.

2) From First Things, Carl Trueman discusses the nature of pastoral language and political rhetoric, especially as such rhetoric relates to sexual ethics (or the lack thereof).

3) Mike Leake, at Pastors Today, offers four reasons why we should write out prayer requests.

4) The guys at Baptist 21 have a series of posts on the need, in their eyes, for change to state conventions. Whether or not you agree with their take, it points to the importance of the conversation.

5) Finally, at TGC, Mike McKinley reminds us that Jesus — not our efforts here or to the ends of the earth — ensures that the Great Commission will not fail.

“A Statement of the Traditional Baptist Understanding of God’s Plan of Salvation”: A Brief Response

Recently, a group of Southern Baptists published a document titled “A Statement of the Traditional Baptist Understanding of God’s Plan of Salvation.” The statement, which has been signed by several Southern Baptist leaders, is intended to offer an alternative to a more Calvinistic understanding of salvation. Supporters of the statement believe their views represent the best of the Southern Baptist tradition and accurately reflect what most contemporary Southern Baptists believe about the doctrines of grace. Though these claims are up for debate, we appreciate an effort by thoughtful, committed Southern Baptists to clarify some of the most oft-debated doctrines among us.

We are already aware of several Southern Baptists who have offered critiques or defenses of the statement. No doubt more will be written in the coming days. It is not our intent to wade deeply into this discussion, which we feel will potentially distract Southern Baptists from our primary task of proclaiming Christ and planting churches among the unreached and underserved peoples of North America and the wider world. Nevertheless, we do share some concerns about the statement and its helpfulness at this moment in Southern Baptist history. We would refer you to Baptist 21, where Jon Akin has articulated many of the same concerns we would voice about this document.

It is our conviction that Southern Baptists who affirm the evangelical understanding of salvation summarized in the Baptist Faith and Message (2000) can and should lay aside their differences on secondary and tertiary matters for the sake of the Great Commission. Our confessional consensus is broad enough to include most any Southern Baptist who isn’t a hyper-Calvinist or a Wesleyan Arminian. Since we believe a tiny number of Southern Baptists affirm these two aberrant positions, we remain convinced that almost all of us can and should unite for the sake of the gospel. This is our vision for the future of the SBC when it comes to the Calvinism debate and many other similar debates. We would invite you to join us in this Great Commission vision for our convention of churches.

Baptist 21 Panel at the SBC

Baptist 21 is holding its second annual panel discussion at the SBC this year. Below is the information for the panel. They have space for 1100 people, but seats are filling up, so be sure to register today.

B21 Panel Info:

When is the b21 panel: June 15th 11:30 am – 1:30 pm (during the lunch break of this year’s Southern Baptist Convention in Orlando immediately following President Hunt’s address). Lunch will be provided.

Where is the b21 panel: The panel will be on site at the Convention in the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC), W414

Who is on the b21 panel:

Daniel Akin

Matt Chandler

Albert Mohler

David Platt

Jimmy Scroggins

Ed Stetzer

Ronnie Floyd

Johnny Hunt

Why hold the b21 panel: This is a pivotal year for the SBC with the report coming from the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force. This could be a “tipping point” for our future. We want to have significant leaders help guide us in thinking through these issues.

How much is the b21 panel: There will be a $7 charge that will accompany registration for the event. This $7 will include lunch and books.

Possible Topics at b21 panel: These are some possible topics that will be covered. In addition, there will be a future blog asking for your questions as well.

• Gospel-centrality in life and the church

• Discerning what ministries to prioritize in the church, associations, denominations?

• Great Commission Resurgence

• How the Gospel should affect budgets: church, personal, a denomination, etc.

• Cooperative Program and Great Commission Giving

• Challenges facing the SBC in next year

• Why should I stay in the SBC when there are others doing great mission work?

David Platt b21 Promotional Video –

Registration for the b21Panel –