Book Notice: “Analytical Lexicon of New Testament Greek” by Maurice Robinson

What does a world-renowned textual critic and masterful Greek pedagogue do in his spare time? He writes analytical lexicons of New Testament Greek. And that is just what SEBTS faculty member Maurice Robinson has done, as he has recently edited, with Mark A. House, the Analytical Lexicon of New Testament Greek (Hendrickson, 2012).

We asked Dr. Robinson to summarize the purpose and goal of this helpful new exegetical tool. In his words, “The Analytical Lexicon provides full parsing and declension information for all words occurring in the Greek New Testament. It is not intended for beginning students (since it gives all the answers without the need to memorize anything), but can be helpful for second-year Greek students and beyond when dealing with difficult forms while preparing exegetical and expository studies. The Lexicon also includes as an appendix a complete set of paradigms that covers all normal noun/adjective declensions and verb conjugations.”

There you have it. Aspiring Bible students, expositors, and theologians will benefit from studying The Analytical Lexicon, which can be purchased here. For what its worth, Dr. Robinson has also published The New Testament in the Original Greek (Chilton, 2005), The Greek New Testament for Beginning Readers (VTR Publications, 2010), and A Concise Lexicon to the Biblical Languages (Sovereign Grace, 2007).