Advance13: Building a Faithful and Effective Church

We want to tell you about an upcoming event we’re excited to be a part of. On March 19-21, pastors and leaders from around the country will gather in Raleigh-Durham, NC, for ADVANCE13: Building a Faithful and Effective Church.  Speakers include John Piper, Matt Chandler, Bryan Loritts, Larry Osborne and others. Southeastern Seminary is delighted to serve as one of the sponsors for ADVANCE13.

Here’s a brief overview of the conference:

There is a false dichotomy in the church today, between faithful ministry and effective ministry – depth and width – making disciples and reaching the lost. Most of our churches are good at one or the other. Churches that prioritize faithfulness make mature disciples, but don’t always reach the lost. Churches that prioritize effectiveness reach the lost, but often don’t make mature disciples.

The gospel calls for both. Faithfulness and effectiveness cannot be separated. Churches that grow wide without growing deep are not producing width that lasts. Churches that grow deep without growing wide are not as deep as they think.

We need faithful AND effective churches.

This conference seeks to answer a simple question: how do we build churches that are both faithful and effective? Its lineup reflects that tension, a mix of pastors, theologians, and experienced practitioners, both from the church and the business world. They aim to equip not only pastors but church members for everyday ministry both inside and outside the church. This promises to be one of the richest and most practical conferences this year. We hope many of our readers will consider attending this important conference.

If you want to know more about ADVANCE13, check out the video below.