Summer Reading List from the CGCS

From CGCS Associate Director Greg Mathias: “Summer is packed with travel and activity, but there is always a bit more time to decompress and read than during the rest of the year. In addition to preparing for the upcoming fall at SEBTS, here are some of the books on my reading list this summer.”

Read his list here.

Differences Between Moral and Civil Law in the Old Testament

In this edition of Exploring Hope, Jamie Dew talks with Heath Thomas about law in the Old Testament: is there a difference between moral and civil laws; which laws apply to Christians; if the laws apply, how so? How does God’s character shown in OT law shape the Christian life?

How Our Culture Undervalues Sex

In this sermon excerpt, J. D. Greear addresses the ironic undervaluing of sex in our seemingly oversexed culture. Read part of the excerpt below:

But something within us just can’t seem to accept the idea that sex is just physical. After all, if sex is just physical, why is it that rape is reported so much less than other physical abuse? If sex is just physical, why is it that adultery is so devastating to a relationship—moreso than other types of betrayal? If sex is just physical, why is that when someone sits in my office and says, “Pastor, I’ve never told anyone this before,” that 99% of the time, it’s something sexual? Our experience screams that sex can’t just be physical. Something bigger is going on.

Read the full post here, and listen to the entire sermon here.