Exploring Hope Podcast: Christianity and Culture

In this Exploring Hope Podcast, Dr. Dew sits down with Dr. Bruce Ashford to discuss the relationship of our faith with the culture that surrounds us. How should we view our culture in light of the gospel and what Scripture teaches us about the world? Should we be wary of our culture and guard ourselves from the sinfulness of it? Or do we embrace it, or try and change it through participation? Dr. Ashford brings his own perspective and expertise to the discussion as we discuss how the Christian should engage and view culture.


Exploring Hope Podcast: What is God’s Will for my Life?

On this episode of Exploring Hope Podcast Dr. Dew and Dr. David Jones talk about God’s will and how we can ascertain it and follow it. Often we have this idea that God has every little decision and event in our lives planned out and that if we only trust, pray, and obey enough, he will let us in on his plan. And when we don’t know which job to work, or school to attend, or potential spouse to marry, we get disheartened and feel that it is indicative of a failure in our spiritual walk and relationship with Christ. Dr. Jones joins us this week to help clear up some misunderstandings and encourage us, biblically, as we rethink finding God’s will for our lives. Tune in!



Exploring Hope: Understanding the Doctrines of Imputation and Justification

In this edition of Exploring Hope, Dr. Keith Whitfield sits down with D. A. Carson to talk about the New Testament’s teaching on justification with special consideration of the imputation of Christ’s righteousness – how do the two relate? What are your thoughts on these foundational doctrines?