Brent Aucoin – Christianity and Racism in America: The Story of Thomas Goode Jones


In a recent faculty lecture at Southeastern Seminary, Dr. Brent Aucoin tackled a difficult topic: The connection between Christianity and racism.

In his lecture, Dr. Aucoin told the story of two white Christians with differing racial viewpoints. One of these men, Thomas Goode Jones, was a Christian who promoted African Americans’ dignity and value. The other was Thomas Dixon, Jr., who was a Baptist pastor who popularized racism in the twentieth century through a series of novels.

If after watching the video above you are interested in learning more about Thomas Goode Jones, check out Dr. Aucoin’s book: Thomas Goode Jones: Race, Politics, and Justice in the New South.

Craig Bartholomew on Confronting Idolatry

Craig Bartholomew, Professor of Religion and Theology at Redeemer University, grew up in South Africa. In a luncheon at Southeastern Seminary, he addressed racism, ministry, preaching, and modernity. Dr. Bartholomew shared some of what he learned about racism and idolatry from his time growing up in South Africa, and applied it to American evangelicals.

Hunter Baker on Faith, Work, and Economics

This past fall, Hunter Baker, Associate Professor of Political Science at Union University, gave a lecture at Southeastern Seminary discussing the reasons why work is important in our lives, and in the economy. Dr. Baker specifically highlighted the growing problem of the missing men in the American workforce. Check out the video below to watch the lecture.