The World That Missionaries Made

Recently, Robert Woodberry created a stir when he published his findings on the impact that evangelical missionaries have had on developing countries. The current consensus among most anthropologists and sociologists is that missionaries have had an overall detrimental effect on the cultures in which they engaged. Woodberry, an assistant professor of sociology at the Univ. of Texas argues that, rather than exerting a negative influence, conversionist missionaries played a pivotal role in the rise of democracy in majority world nations. In fact, the evidence indicates that such missionaries were the key factor in those countries.Woodberry

The Southeastern community has an opportunity to hear Dr Woodberry make his case. The Bush Center for Faith and Culture and the Drummond Center for Great Commission Studies are hosting a lecture by Dr Woodberry this Thursday, at 7 pm, in the sanctuary of Wake Forest Baptist Church. The church is located on the campus of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. You can register for the event here.

2015 SEND North America Conference

This week at the Center for Great Commission Studies, Mike Dodson – NAMB mobilizer at Southeastern – highlights the church planting strategy of NAMB and its upcoming SEND North America conference.

Here’s an excerpt:

Never before has the light of the gospel been so needed in North America and to the ends of the earth. Who will carry that light into the darkness? Who will boldly speak the truth? This mission is not just for a select few. The movement of God’s mission happens through everyday, ordinary lives. Join one of the largest gatherings of the Church in North America. Be part of a movement of people seeking to live out the mission of God in their everyday lives. Don’t miss the SEND North America Conference in Nashville, August 3-4, 2015. For more conference info, go here

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Social Media: The Big Three

Greg Mathias, Associate Director of the Center for Great Commission Studies, and Sam Morris, E-marketing specialist, continue their series on the role of digital media in the life and ministry of the church. Here’s an excerpt:

As we continue our discussion on social media in the digimodern age we need to focus our mind’s eye down to a few specific social media. These three are the big three, the ones people are statistically most likely to be engaged with. And it’s within this framework of the big three that most of the discussion Sam and I are having can be more easily understood.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These are the media wherein a major portion of the world interact socially online, and where Southeastern has a media presence.

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