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Pastoral Theology: Theological Foundations for Who a Pastor is and What He Does by Daniel L. Akin and R. Scott Pace, 336 pages, June 1, 2017

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While many pastoral ministry books focus on the practical duties of the pastor, few works actually consider how theological truth defines the pastor’s role and responsibilities. These pragmatic ministry tools, though instructionally beneficial, essentially divorce biblical doctrine from ministerial practice. As a result, pastors’ lives and ministries often lack the theological roots that provide the stability and nourishment necessary to sustain them. Pastoral Theology constructs a theological framework for pastoral ministry that is biblically derived, historically informed, doctrinally sound, missionally engaged, and contextually relevant. By using traditional theological categories the authors explore the correlation between evangelical doctrine and pastoral practice. Through careful theological integration they formulate a ministry philosophy that defines the pastoral office and determines its corresponding responsibilities in light of theological truth. The authors provide a theological understanding of the pastorate that will equip aspiring pastors to discern and pursue their calling, challenge younger pastors to build on ministerial truth instead of ministerial trends, and inspire seasoned pastors to be reinvigorated in their passion for Christ and his church.

Dr. Danny Akin writes:

The pastoral task is inherently theological—it cannot be otherwise. But too often the theological foundations for this task have been assumed, rather than explored. What we’ve tried to do is provide a resource that can help equip churches, pastors, and training institutions to think well about the biblical and theological basis for pastoral ministry. We pray that this results in healthier pastors, healthier churches, and healthier followers of the Chief Shepherd, King Jesus.

Dr. Scott Pace writes:

Pastoral Theology seeks to establish the theological foundation for pastoral ministry. So many ministry books focus on the practical responsibilities of the pastor without ever exploring the biblical and theological impetus for performing them. Our hope is that Pastoral Theology will help pastors wed their theology with their ministry the way the Lord designed and desires it to be. By understanding the doctrinal roots that define the pastoral office, pastors will be able to more faithfully serve the church and fulfill their calling. Each chapter traces an orthodox doctrine from its theological genesis through its biblical foundation to its practical implications for pastoral ministry.


About the Authors:

Daniel L. Akin is the Ed Young Sr. Chair of Expository Preaching, Professor of Preaching & Theology, and President of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, NC.

R. Scott Pace is the Rev. A. E. and Dora Hughes Chair of Christian Ministry, Associate Professor of Applied Ministry, and Chair of the Christian and Cross-Cultural Ministry Department at Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee, OK.

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