Ted Cabal: Will the Real Evangelical Evolutionist Please Stand Up?

Is the earth very old, or is the earth relatively young? This question can be a hot-button issue even within the evangelical sphere.

While some groups advocate young-earth creationism, and some groups advocate a very old earth and universe, more recently there are a growing number of evangelicals who not only affirm a very old earth but also affirm the idea that God used evolution as a means of creation.

It becomes hard for even the most diligent student of theology to keep up with who to believe when everyone sounds credible. Moreover, some people hold to their views more dogmatically than others, and that is where the conflict can arise.

While it can be healthy to debate these topics, it’s important to realize that for the most part the age of the universe is a secondary theological issue, and according to a recent talk given by Ted Cabal at the Southeastern Seminary Center for Faith and Culture, it’s important to be cautious about friendly fire.

You can find a recap of Dr. Cabal’s talk here, at The Intersect Project, and you can watch the full discussion below.

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