The Professor’s Bookshelf: Dr. David Jones

This new series at Between the Times will highlight Southeastern faculty members as they share about books which they are enjoying now, books which have shaped them personally, and books they consistently recommend to others.

This week, we begin with Dr. David Jones.

Dr. Jones is Associate Professor of Christian Ethics, Director of the Th.M. program, and serves as the Associate Dean for Graduate Program Administration at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

What are some books you are reading right now?

Two books I am reading right now are:


What are some of the books which have had the largest impact on your life, thinking, or teaching?

Four categories come to mind:

  • The works of C.S. Lewis.
  • The works of J.C. Ryle.
  • Reformation era literature from Luther, Calvin, and the Anabaptists.
  • Many biographies and autobiographies of great Christians, such as those of George Whitefield, C.H. Spurgeon, and many missionaries.


What are some books which you would recommend to a church member and why?

Two books which I think would be helpful for church members are:

  • J. C. Ryle’s Holiness. It’s a classic book that many church members will have heard about, but never read. It challenges readers to apply the gospel to all areas of one’s life.
  • Bunyon’s Pilgrims Progress. Also a classic that will help church members to understand the landscape of the Christian life, including its trials and triumphs.


What are some books which you would recommend to a seminary student to read beyond what they might encounter in class and why?

Here are two which I would recommend:

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