What Class Most Influenced You? (Part 6)

We recently asked several members of our faculty the following question:

What class from your own Seminary (or College/Graduate School) most influenced you and why?

Here are some of the responses we received:

Dr. David Beck, Associate Dean of Biblical Studies, Professor of New Testament and Greek (Ph.D., Duke University, M.Div., Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary):

My first semester of Ph.D. studies at Duke University I enrolled in The Exegesis of the Greek text of the Gospel of John taught by D. Moody Smith. In that class I learned the complexities of the interpretive issues surrounding John, and the depths of meaning that exist simultaneous with the simple clarity of its powerful message of God’s love demonstrated through the glory of the cross. I learned from Dr. Smith that scholarly rigor can be practiced with genuine humility, and grace towards those who do not share your interpretive conclusions. That class birthed a lifelong love for the Gospel of John, and established a model for teaching that I still seek to practice.

Dr. Jamie Dew, Dean of the College at Southeastern, Vice President for Undergraduate Studies and Academic Support,Associate Professor of History of Ideas and Philosophy (Ph.D., M.Div. Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary):

Christian Philosophy tied everything together for me biblically, historically, and spiritually in the Christian faith. Moreover, it gave me a glimpse on how to do apologetics and started me on the pat that I’m on now.

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