What Class Most Influenced You? (Part 4)

We recently asked several members of our faculty the following question:

What class from your own Seminary (or College/Graduate School) most influenced you and why?

Here are some of the responses we received:

Dr. Tony Merida, Johnny Hunt Chair of Biblical Preaching, Associate Professor of Preaching (Ph.D., Th.M., M.Div., New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary):

Proclaiming the Bible with Dr. Shaddix. It helped me learn how to prepare expository sermons. Since a good portion of my week is spent on sermon prep and delivery, this course was obviously important.

Dr. Bruce Ashford, Provost and Dean of Faculty, Professor of Theology and Culture, Fellow for the Bush Center for Faith and Culture (Ph.D., M.Div. Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary):

The most influential course I took in seminary was L. Russ Bush’s “Christian Faith and the Modern Mind.” He taught us how to read “cultural texts,” how to analyze, evaluate, and respond to social realities and trends. He was very perceptive, gospel-centered before gospel-centered was cool, and unfailingly gracious in his demeanor and tone. If I could ever become half the man L. Russ Bush was, I’d consider mine a life well-lived.

Stay tuned for more answers from our faculty.

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