What Class Most Influenced You? (Part 3)

We recently asked several members of our faculty the following question:

What class from your own Seminary (or College/Graduate School) most influenced you and why?

Here are some of the responses we received:

Dr. Chuck Lawless, Professor of Evangelism and Missions, Dean of Graduate Studies, Vice President for Graduate Studies and Ministry Centers (Ph.D., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; M.Div., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary):

The class that has most influenced my life was a college class I didn’t want to take. The course was an introductory missions course, and I had no intention of doing anything other than what I was doing at the time: serving as the pastor of a local church. To my surprise, God used that class (which was, by the way, kind of boring at times) to introduce me to the needs of the world. My professor was former missionary, and his quiet but deep passion for the nations took root in my heart. I will always be grateful for that professor and that class.

Dr. Larry Purcell, Associate Professor of Leadership and Discipleship, Associate Dean of Ministry Studies (Ph.D., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; M.A., Liberty University):

My answer may be odd for one who teaches practical theology, since my Greek classes were some of my favorite. I’m a pastor while attending school so classes that helped me teach & preach the Word.

The opposite of your question is also necessary. It is what I was not taught at the academy that made me realize what I needed. Practical issues faced by all pastors was the missing link at the academy. I was taught to manage the mess and add programs, not to lead changes and build the body of Christ.

Stay tuned for more answers from our faculty.

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