3 Questions About God’s Steadfast Love

Recently J.D. Greear posted an article on his blog addressing 3 questions about God’s steadfast love. In the article J.D. writes:

Love may be the most universally agreed-upon attribute of God in the United States today. Even people who doubt God’s existence say that if he did exist, he’d be loving. But I’m not sure people truly get it. Scripture paints a depiction of God’s love as so shocking, so scandalous, that the only proper response is, “Amazing love! How can it be?” Yet for most people in our churches, the response is probably more like, “Well, that’s nice.”

Some truths are so profound that they can’t just be explained. They have to be felt, experienced. The love of God is one of those. That’s why instead of merely saying, “Love your enemies,” God sends the prophet Jonah to his worst enemies, to show mercy on the most ruthless empire of his day. It’s why instead of just saying, “I’ll love you forever,” God calls Hosea to stay true to a wife that will repeatedly cheat on him. It’s why instead of saying, “God loves you,” Jesus tells of a Father who, when his son publicly shamed him and left him, still ran out to meet him at his return.

To read the rest of the article, head over to J.D.’s blog.

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