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Dr. Don Whitney recently published an article discussing how when one is struggling to find a way to serve the church, sometimes the best way is to simply invent a ministry. Dr. Whitney writes:

They don’t want to be mere religious consumers at church. Instead they want to minister, and do so in a way that glorifies God, strengthens the church, provides an example to their children, and edifies themselves. With everything else going on in their lives at this time, and with the limited options for ministry at their church, what should they do? For many people, a simple, creative solution is to invent a ministry.

Recently D. A. Horton published an article on his blog about the 60th anniversary of the murder of Emmett Till. He writes:

As I reflect on the life, death, and legacy of both Emmett and Mamie Till-Mobley, I’m naturally drawn to the truth of the gospel. Everyone involved in Emmett’s story needs Christ. Everyone impacted by Emmett’s story needs Christ. Everyone who is just now hearing of Emmett’s story needs Christ. Therefore, the story of Christ must be made known.

There are so many gospel parallel’s with Emmett’s story I’d be foolish to not expound on a few of them. If anyone can sympathize with the grief of losing a son in the most violent and horrific way, its God.

For the past two years, SEBTS has been blessed by Ali through her employment with the seminary, and Ali also recently finished classes for her Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership. After graduation she felt the call to serve in a remote region of South Asia. Earlier this week, she posted this blog post on the website of the CGCS:

From class lectures to chapel to publications, getting the gospel to the ends of the earth infused every part of my work and studies at Southeastern. My experiences at Southeastern are leading me to spend three months on the international mission field. This might not seem like much, as many people have gone to harder, more difficult places for longer periods of time. However, to me as a woman in her late 20s, it’s no small thing to leave my job and the comforts of home to go.

Shaunti Feldhahn recently posted this article on Christianity Today discussing how the Ashley Madison leak exposes more than just names:

There’s something more important here than the Ashley Madison issue itself: a vast disconnect between men and women on modern sex-related issues that affect nearly all men and boys every single day – but which many women aren’t even aware of. While actual infidelity affects only a small percentage of marriages, the factors creating online temptation impact everyone. And we women don’t always understand why. Our men are vulnerable in ways most of us never realized. Our sons have a target on their backs. They need our support, prayer and awareness as they stand against the temptations of this culture – or as they work to heal their lives and marriages from poor choices.

The Baptist State Convention of North Carolina recently posted this video of SEBTS’ own Dr. Tracy McKenzie walking through 2 Timothy 2:2.


2 Timothy 2:2 is the biblical basis for our 2015 Annual Meeting at the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina and also the introduction to our “Pray for 30 Days” campaign. Won’t you join us in prayer for spiritual awakening. Visit for more!

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