If God Revealed Himself It Doesn’t Mean People Would Like Him

A recent issue of New Scientist (08-08-15) features a cover article entitled “Ten Discoveries That Would Transform What It Means To Be Human”. The article speculates as to what would be the ten discoveries that would affect the greatest change to our understanding of reality. New scientist Each possible discovery is posited as a “What if”: What if we discover intelligent life on other planets? What if we discover that free will is an illusion? What if the universe is an illusion? And so on.

The last “What if” caught my attention–“What if we discover God?” Here’s a snippet:

“The equations are checked and rechecked. Finally, physicists throw up their hands and declare that the big bang must have had a cause–a prime mover that created the universe. Or perhaps God simply shows up on earth in full supernatural glory. As shocks to the system go, it couldn’t get much bigger….There’s no denying we have a God-shaped void in our heads. What if it were filled? Would our increasingly secular world see a mass conversion? Perhaps, but it is far from clear what people would convert to….We might also think that proof of God would be egg on the face of atheists. Perhaps–but for many, the idea of God is not only unbelievable, but also distasteful. The writer Christopher Hitchens, who called himself an ‘anti-theist’, detested the idea of a cosmic chaperone watching our every move. If this being did present itself to us, we could see atheists start a revolution against God.”

Interesting comments from a decidedly secular magazine. Did you catch the last sentence? “If this being did present itself to us, we could see atheists start a revolution against God.” I don’t think this is mere speculation. I would argue that this is a fair description of the present situation. God did present himself to us in the Person of Jesus Christ, and the unbelieving world continues in its revolt against him.

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